Successful completion of the 8th Summer School of Mechanical Engineering

date: 23.08.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


With various activities, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana wants to inspire primary and secondary school students for the world of technology and mechanical engineering. During the summer holidays, for the 8th year in a row, it organised the Summer School of Mechanical Engineering, which is open to pupils from the 6th grade of primary school to students of the 3rd or final year of secondary school. This year, despite the coronavirus, a record number of 84 participants was again recorded.

An adjustment to the current epidemiological situation was necessary in the organisation of Summer School of Mechanical Engineering, but the course itself was not restricted as a result. A free rapid test was organised twice during the school, followed by recommendations on disinfection, hand washing, safe distance, room ventilation and wearing protective masks. There were 12 workshops with a maximum of ten participants, which, among other things, allowed the mentors to respond to the participants in an extremely individual way.

The Mechanical Engineering Summer School is based on the concept of Design, Manufacture, Test. All participants made their product and eventually took it home, while learning the basics of each area covered in the workshop and how to operate the professional equipment used in that area. Between 17 and 20 August, participants built and tested models of autonomous electric vehicles, modelled a portable weather station, learned about the world of supercomputers, dropped their aeroplane models from a hill, printed with 3D printers, built a hydraulic arm, chased away heat with USB cooling, built a mini wind farm, learned about the Stirling engine and built a simple heat engine. As part of the workshops, they also visited the thermal power plant Toplarna Ljubljana and took a look at the neighbouring workshops.

The curious participants were enthusiastic about Summer School of Mechanical Engineering, and many of them are already considering continuing their studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana.

The Summer School of Mechanical Engineering is supported by ZOTKS (Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia) and EIT Manufacturing Hub Slovenia.


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