Dr. Saša Bajt is the Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia

date: 11.12.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


Dr. Saša Bajt, Head of the X-ray Optics group at DESY, Hamburg, Germany, was awarded the title of Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia for significant achievements in promoting and developing Slovenian scientific and development activities abroad.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering nominated Dr. Bajt for the award by resolution of the Senate on 18 March 2021, based on her fruitful, long-standing collaboration with the Faculty in fluid dynamics in sample delivery in intense laser light. She involves the faculty extremely intensively in projects related to the leading experimental infrastructure at DESY, and it provides hands-on training for many of the faculty's undergraduate, masters and doctoral students.


Speaking to Odmevi (RTV Slovenia) after the award ceremony, Dr. Saša Bajt said that she has been working successfully with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana over the past few years and cooperates with Slovenian students in Germany. As Slovenia's main challenges in science, she notes greater openness, closer integration, and taking advantage of opportunities at the European level.


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