Construction of the New UL FME will be co-financed from the European Cohesion Funds

date: 22.12.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


The representatives of the UL FME, supported by the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Gregor Majdič, met with the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Dr. Simona Kustec, the Minister for Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia, Mark Boris Andrijanič, and the Minister without portfolio, responsible for Development and EU Cohesion Policy, Zvonko Černač, at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport on Friday, 17 December. The main topic of the meeting was the review of the status of the project to construct a new complex of the UL FME. Minister Dr. Simona Kustec advocated that the project be co-financed from the European cohesion funds. The ministers agreed with the representatives of the Faculty to oversee further operational tasks for the successful implementation of the construction project.

With including the construction of the new complex UL FME in the cohesion projects, construction will start as early as next year and be completed by 2025.

We at the UL FME would like to thank Minister Dr. Simona Kustec, Minister Mark Boris Andrijanič and Minister Zvonko Černač, and the Rector of the University of Ljubljana Prof. Dr. Gregor Majdič.


Foto: Sadar+Vuga


FME is now located in the premises built in 1963. At that time, the Faculty had 600 students and employed about 150 staff. Today, the Faculty is attended by over 1,800 students and employs about 400 staff. That the lack of space is severe is shown by the fact that the Faculty has been housed in several buildings for decades. However, most are no longer suitable for modern university education. The Faculty has 18,000 square metres at its disposal, and the new location will offer more than twice as much space. The new building will enable the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana to fulfil its social mission and the FME Development Strategy by offering a comprehensive range of research, development, innovation and educational activities in green and digital transformation.

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