Springer publishes a book by Professor Sašo Medved "Building Physics: Heat, Ventilation, Moisture, Light, Sound, Fire, and Urban Microclimate"

date: 07.04.2022

category: Sporočila za javnost


Publishing house Springer has published "Building Physics: Heat, Ventilation, Moisture, Light, Sound, Fire, and Urban Microclimate", which also marks the 10th anniversary of LOTZ - Laboratory for Environmental Technologies in Buildings.

The book presents, in 7 chapters and 472 pages, the theoretical background, experimental methods, computational examples and practical case studies based on research and software tools developed at LOTZ. The chapters follow in content the Memorandum of Professors of Building Physics in European Universities, as conceived by Professor Karl Gertis of the University of Stuttgart.

From the reviewers' opinions: "I can state that the presented publication is an original and unique work and will be beneficial for all interested in these issues. Its use will be not only for university students in the field of construction, architecture, and technical equipment of buildings, but also for graduates in practice who get to the problems of building physics. I am not aware that a publication of similar scope and content is available on the market." "The book is unique in that it manages to combine a scientific approach with examples of practical problems that we encounter in everyday life. The book is a modern guide both for scientists who can find in it theoretical background of physics problem and engineers who can use its numerous examples for solving practical problems."


Link: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-74390-1


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