New special issue of Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering available now

date: 21.04.2022

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering publishes theoretical and practice oriented papers, dealing with problems of modern technology (power and process engineering, structural and machine design, production engineering mechanism and materials, etc.) It considers activities such as: design, construction, operation, environmental protection, etc. in the field of mechanical engineering and other related branches.

Special Issue content about SARS-CoV-2:

Matjaž Leskovar, Leon Cizelj: Robust and Intuitive Model for COVID-19 Epidemic in Slovenia

Tamara Košir, Katja Fric, Arijana Filipić, Polona Kogovšek: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of Different Masks

Eneja Osterman, Mateja Dovjak, Janja Vaupotič, Tomaž Verbajs, Urška Mlakar, Eva Zavrl, Uroš Stritih: Analysis of Educational Building’s Ventilation Suitability to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Žiga Jelen, Ivan Anžel, Rebeka Rudolf: Comparison Study of Four Commercial SARS-CoV-2-Rapid Antigen Tests: Characterisation of the Individual Components

Sonja Šterman, Katherine Townsend, Eloise Salter, Karen Harrigan: Surveying Healthcare Workers to Improve the Design, Wearer Experience and Sustainability of PPE Isolation Gowns

Aleš Blinc, Jadranka Buturović Ponikvar, Zlatko Fras: The Prevalence of COVID-19 Among Health Care Personnel in a University Hospital by the End of 2020, and Ambient Air CO2 in Hospital Rooms Ventilated by Window-Opening in 2021/22

Erik Marčenko, Žiga Lampret, Matjaž Prek: Correlation between Air Pollution and the Spread and Development of COVID-19 Related Disease

Katarina Remic, Alen Erjavec, Julija Volmajer Valh, Sonja Šterman: Public Handling of Protective Masks from Use to Disposal and Recycling Options to New Products

Simon Muhič, Tatjana Muhič: Measurements of Air Quality in Kindergartens and Schools in the Republic of Slovenia before the COVID-19 Epidemic

Strojniški vestnik april 2022

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