Peskovnik, Open Lab at FME in the setting-up, phase, receives a donation from Makita

date: 08.06.2022

category: Sporočila za javnost


On Thursday, 2 June, the Peskovnik of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, an open laboratory in the setting-up phase, welcomed the deputy general manager of Makita d.o.o., Kenta Fukushima, and other Makita representatives on the occasion of receiving a sponsorship donation. The Dean, Prof. Dr Mihael Sekavčnik, the Vice- Dean, Prof. Dr. Janko Slavič, and the students of UL FME, who are involved in the setting-up of Peskovnik, thanked Fukushima for the donation of the tools.


Makita d. o. o., a Ljubljana-based company, presented Peskovnik with a sponsorship donation in the form of tools that the students and other future innovators will need to develop and implement their ideas.

The mission and vision of Peskovnik is to become the central community for student engagement and innovation of UL FME and to make every mechanical engineer excellent in their field, a team player, a mentor, an innovator and a socially responsible person who never stops learning.


We would like to thank Makita d.o.o. for contributing to the development of an innovative environment at our Faculty.


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