Peskovnik receives donation from BTS Company

date: 15.07.2022

category: Sporočila za javnost


On Thursday, 14 July, the Peskovnik, an open laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, received a sponsorship donation of tools from BTS Company d. o. o. When handing over the donation, the Peskovnik was visited by a representative of BTS Company d. o. o., Branko Ušaj. The Dean, Prof. Dr. Mihael Sekavčnik and the Vice Dean, Prof. Dr. Janko Slavič, thanked Branko Ušaj for the donated tools, which will help the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of UL to bring their innovations one step closer to realisation.


BTS Company d.o.o. presented a sponsorship donation in the form of a tool to Peskovnik, an open laboratory on UL FS in the process of being set up. The company's representative, Branko Ušaj, took the opportunity to tell the students: "Let us be realistic: there is no product in which a mechanical engineer is not involved." Ušaj said that companies are increasingly aware of the need to invest in human resources, and he also expressed the hope that the construction of a new facility of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at UL will start as soon as possible.

The mission and vision of the Peskovnik is to become a central community for student engagement and innovation at UL FS and to ensure that every mechanical engineer becomes outstanding in their field. The UL FS Open Lab is called Peskovnik because it is a relaxed environment outside the study process where students can independently find answers to the questions they are playing with.


We would like to thank the BTS Company d.o.o. for contributing to the establishment of this creative space with a sponsorship donation.

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