Identification of structures' dynamic parameters during operational excitation

date: 18.07.2022

category: Sporočila za javnost


Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UL presented a novel approach to the acquisition of the structure's dynamic models while subjected to operational conditions. A novelty of the approach lies in the ability to estimate systems' frequency response functions on the basis of response measurement only, as the source is charactarized independently from the final assembly. The presented method was published in one of the leading scientific journals in the field of mechanics and signal processing Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (IF = 8.934).


The approach is useful for cases when the dynamic properties of the assembly are required, but due to the complex geometry or mounting, the structure is inaccessible to excite at the source. Using dedicated laboratory test-benches for the source characterization, specifically designed to accommodate for the undemanding measurement campaign, arbitrary excitation locations can be easily accessed. Issues with a poor signal-to-noise can also be tackled if high response levels can be obtained while the structure is operating, but not when excited manually. Given that the source characterization is already performed by the source component provider, one can simply estimate any assembly’s response functions by measuring the target responses only.


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