date: 21.07.2022

category: Sporočila za javnost


Today marked the official end of the second workshop of the From Peskovnik to the Air Open Lab. Like the first workshop on the Basics of Peskovnik Gamification, this one was a great success and the students had nothing to lose: "What we like most is that we were able to make the product ourselves from start to finish and test our knowledge in practise."

Peskovnik's mission is to become the central community for student engagement and innovation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with the vision that every mechanical engineer will become excellent in their subject. Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Janko Slavič also addressed the assembled students today: "The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering supports students and with Peskovnik we want to encourage even more to think outside the box."

The activities of the open lab have already been supported by donations from the companies Makita and BTS. Using their equipment, the students spent the first week taking a closer look at 3D printing (from idea to computer to printer), setting up an Octoprint, seeing a CNC router, a CNC laser, Arduino in practise and KiCAD for mechanical engineering students, and then trying it all out in practise.

In the second week, we built planes with the Edvard Rusjan Team, who participate in the annual Design-Build-Fly competition in the US. They learned the basics of building and making model planes and tomorrow they will test the planes they built.

Peskovnik's activities will continue in the new academic year. So, keep an eye on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering's website and social networks!

2022_07_21 delavnice Peskovnika

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