The May issue of Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering available now

date: 28.05.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


The Strojniški vestnik – Journal of Mechanical Engineering publishes theoretical and practice oriented papers, dealing with problems of modern technology (power and process engineering, structural and machine design, production engineering mechanism and materials, etc.) It considers activities such as: design, construction, operation, environmental protection, etc. in the field of mechanical engineering and other related branches.

The ​May issue features the following articles:

Benjamin Bizjan, Brane Širok, Marko Blagojevič: Analogue Experimental Study of Fiber Formation on Two-Wheel Spinner

Hongwei Yan, Yajie Li, Fei Yuan, Fangxian Peng, Xiong Yang, Xiangrong Hou: Analysis of the Screening Accuracy of a Linear Vibrating Screen with a Multi-layer Screen Mesh

Wiktor Kamycki, Stanisław Noga: Application of the Thin Slice Model for Determination of Face Load Distribution along the Line of Contact and the Relative Load Distribution Measured along Gear Root

Da Cui, Guoqiang Wang, Huanyu Zhao, Shuai Wang: Research on a Path-Tracking Control System for Articulated Tracked Vehicles

Vytautas Martinaitis, Dovydas Rimdžius, Juozas Bielskus, Giedrė Streckienė, Violeta Motuzienė: Preliminary Comparison of the Performance of Thermodynamic Models of the Subsonic Ejector and Turbofan

Aida Parvaresh, Mohsen Mardani: Data-Driven Model-Free Control of Torque-Applying System for a Mechanically Closed-Loop Test Rig Using Neural Networks
The open-access journal may be viewed at the:

Strojniški vestnik, Maj 2020


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