Dynamics of the interaction of a bubble with a liquid-liquid interface

date: 17.06.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


In the study the researchers from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines - LVTS and Laboratory for photonics and laser systems - FOLAS) investigated an almost unexplored dynamics of the interaction of a bubble with a liquid-liquid interface. This is particularly interesting field, due to its applicability to the ultrasonic emulsification process and for gaining the understanding of deformable structure's interaction with cavitation bubbles. The findings were published in journal Ultrasonics – Sonochemistry (IF 7.279).

The researchers conducted a number of experiments where single cavitation bubble dynamics was observed on each side of the oil-water interface. These were accompanied by corresponding simulations. They've investigated the details of bubble interface interaction (deformation, penetration). As predicted by the anisotropy parameter the bubble always jets toward the interface if it grows in the lighter liquid and correspondingly away from the interface if it is initiated inside the denser liquid. They've extended the analysis to the relationships of various bubble characteristics and the anisotropy parameter.
Finally, based on the present and their previous, applied, study on emulsion preparation, they offer new insights into the physics of ultrasonic emulsification and show the path to optimization of the process.

The resulting original scientific paper is freely available under this link.

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