Bioliquids as a renewable energy source

date: 06.07.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost



Classification of energy carriers is in detail defined within EU directives covering renewable energy sources that categorize two different energy carriers - Biofuels and Bioliquids. The latter are dedicated for the use in heating, cooling and electricity production applications. Based on an extensive past research achievements, the research group critically assessed the developments in the area of bioliquids and their use in power generation as it is foreseen in EU RED (2009/28/EC) and EU RED II (2018/2001/EC) directives. Besides critical assessment of bioliquids in combustion and power generation applications, the contributions of the paper are focused on positioning of new technologies within RED II directive as well as within circular economy guidelines. By this, the researchers have set up the fundamentals that are exposing the new role of existent technical solutions in a zero-waste community, which is a key enabling step for future scientific work in the energy perspective up to 2030 and beyond.


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