Experimental identification of the dynamic piezoresistivity of fused-filament-fabricated structures

date: 08.09.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


Dynamic piezoresistivity denotes the phenomenon, where the electrical resistivity changes under the influence of dynamic mechanical strain. Development of fused filament fabrication technology (FFF) and piezoresistive materials suitable for FFF makes it possible to create 3d printed sensors in the future.

The creation of dynamic FFF sensors is currently limited, since FFF structures exhibit anisotropy, heterogenity, process parameters dependence, potential dependence on mechanical load frequency and temperature. In order to gain better understanding about piezoresistive behaviour of FFF structures, researchers of Faculty of mechanical engineering developed experimental method.

The developed method can be used to estimate the influence of numerous process parameters on the dynamic piezoresistivity. Material data obtained from presented method can be used for analytical and numerical simulations of new dynamic sensors.

The original scientific paper is available here.

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