Vibration Fatigue by Spectral Methods: From Structural Dynamics to Fatigue Damage – Theory and Experiments

date: 21.09.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


Vibration Fatigue by Spectral Methods relates the structural dynamics theory to the high-cycle vibration fatigue. The book begins with structural dynamics theory and relates the uniaxial and multiaxial vibration fatigue to the underlying structural dynamics and signal processing theory. Organized in two parts, part I gives the theoretical background and part II the selected experimental research. The time- and frequency- domain aspects of signal processing in general, related to structural dynamics and counting methods are covered in detail. It also covers all the underlying theory in structural dynamics, signal processing, uniaxial & multiaxial fatigue; including non-Gaussianity and non-stationarity. Finally, it provides the latest research on multiaxial vibration fatigue and the non-stationarity and non-Gaussianity effects.

This book is for engineers, graduate students, researchers and industry professionals working in the field of structural durability under random loading and vibrations and also those dealing with fatigue of materials and constructions.



Authors of the book (from left to right): prof. dr. Janko Slavič; dr. Matjaž Mršnik; assoc. prof. dr. Martin Česnik; dr. Jaka Javh; prof. dr. Miha Boltežar  

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