Impact of Covid-19 on environmental noise emitted from the port

date: 10.12.2020

category: Sporočila za javnost


The identification of noise sources in an industrial area as large and complex as the port of Koper is extremely difficult. It is made more difficult by the presence of many noise sources from the port area in combination with background noise caused, for example, by road and rail traffic. The aim of the research was to identify noise sources whose remediation would be most effective in reducing noise from the port area. This study therefore compared and quantified noise emissions between the historical and epidemic periods of Covid-19. The characteristics of the noise sources mentioned, geographical data and noise measurements were used to develop and validate the noise model in the port area, which was used to calculate the noise map. 

The equivalent noise levels decreased between 2.2 dB (A) and 5.7 dB (A) depending on the measurement point compared to the historical long-term average. The urban area of the city of Koper, where the historical noise level is above 55 dB (A), decreased by 23% in the period COVID -19. However, the number of people exposed to noise levels above 55 dB (A) due to shipping and industrial activities decreased by 20%.

The research results show that environmental noise caused by moored ships is a problem of port cities that should be regulated at international level.

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