Energy efficient piezoelectric actuators used in hydraulic switching valves

date: 13.01.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


In the Laboratory for Handling, Assembly and Pneumatics (LASIM), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UL have been active in the field of developing and integrating piezo technology into real components and systems for more than 20 years. They achieved a breakthrough with the development of a new prototype hydraulic digital fluid control unit, for which they developed an energy-efficient piezo actuator system that is unique on a global scale. Increasing the energy efficiency of production machines and systems and thus the possibility of more "green, clean" production is currently one of Europe's main priority. One way to increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems is to use piezoelectric actuators.

The research work was presented in the Journal of Cleaner Production (IF = 7.246). The research results show that it is possible to reduce the electrical consumption for the control of hydraulic valves up to 6 times compared to conventional switching valves using the solenoids. The development of such high-dynamic and energy-efficient switching piezo valves for use in digital hydraulics has contributed to the fact that digital hydraulics has become interesting in the field of hydraulic systems in manufacturing technology and in some cases has already successfully replaced proportional and servo hydraulics.

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