Prof. dr. Dušan Florjančič dies

date: 14.01.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost



On Tuesday, 12 January, 2021, we were hit by the sad news that prof. dr. Dušan Florjančič had died in advanced old age. After graduating from high school in Ljubljana, he went to study at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, where he completed his studies in mechanical engineering. After graduating, he devoted himself to the development of hydraulic machines at Sulzer, where he worked until his retirement in 1989. In 1970 he received his doctorate under prof. dr. Ackeret at the ETH Zürich in the field of cavitation in hydraulic machines. His tireless investigative mind, his research achievements and charisma opened doors for him all over the world. He was the responsible project manager with the EPRI and ASME, co-authoring guidelines for the hydraulic and structural development of multi-stage turbine pumps. At Sulzer-KSB, he was the head of the development of pumps for nuclear power plants and later, he also took management positions and became Vice Chairman of the Management Board of Sulzer. He was a highly respected and esteemed expert in the field of hydraulic machines and was a guest lecturer in several countries around the world. In 1988, the Rector of the ETH Zürich appointed him a full-time lecturer in the field of structural elements of hydraulic turbomachines, a position he held until 1994. In the same year, he was appointed full professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, where he was a co-mentor of two doctors of science. Each year from 1993 to 1998, he gave a series of lectures at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the field of hydraulic machines, which were attended by many experts from the Slovenian economy. He had always been closely connected with Slovenian companies in the field of mechanical engineering, where he passed on his expertise to younger colleagues and selflessly helped them integrate with international trends.

He will ever remain in our memory.

Prof. dr. Mihael Sekavčnik

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