Performance evaluation of a novel pilot-scale pinned disc rotating generator of hydrodynamic cavitation

date: 15.01.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


A new pilot rotary generator of hydrodynamic cavitation for wastewater treatment has been developed in the Laboratory of Water and Turbine Machines. The use of cavitation for purification purposes belongs to the so-called green oxidation methods, in which no chemical agents are added to the polluted water. Using the newly developed cavitator, the researchers confirmed the good oxidation potential of the method on wastewater from the treatment plant: they reduced COD (chemical oxygen demand), TOC (total organic carbon) and BOD (biological oxygen demand) by 25 % in just 30 cycles and reduced the average particle size from 148 to 38 µm through mechanical effects. Under optimal operating conditions, they increased the efficiency of the existing technology by a factor of three and reduced power consumption by 65 %. This brought the technology a step closer to use in real processes at wastewater treatment plants.

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