FME together with the economy to raise the reputation of mechanical engineering and the status of graduates

date: 06.03.2021

category: Sporočila za javnost


At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we continue our strategic activities to raise the reputation of mechanical engineering in society and to plan a common future together with the economy, which means raising the status and importance of our Faculty's graduates within the economy. To better understand the needs of the economy and the wider academic environment with the coming changes in the digital and green future, we have organized an annual Strategic Conference where we also presented our outstanding achievements and some of the dilemmas we face. In this way, we create mutual trust and draw attention to our important role and potential for the development of the Faculty, the economy and Slovenia as a whole. 

At the same time, we create a culture of socially responsible activity of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, strive for solidarity and joint development with key stakeholders in the economy and academic life, such as the Ministry of Education and the Slovenian Research Agency, and acknowledge our responsibility for the well-being of Slovenia. Such an attitude and responsibility towards society and a joint effort to increase quality will place us higher on the scale of social influence, which will enable us to achieve the goals of Strategy 2025, where the importance and influence of mechanical engineering in society and the higher status and material position of graduates are in the first place. 

At the conference, we were able to listen to prominent Slovenian businessmen, members of the FME Strategic Council and representatives from the public and academic spheres, and at the same time the renowned psychologist motivated us with a lecture on challenges and opportunities on the way to success.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the conference and thus contributed to the creation of common goals that will allow our Faculty to be even more successful. If you were unable to attend the Annual Strategic Conference last week, we have prepared a recording that you can access through the link we emailed you. If you did not receive the link and would like to view the recording, please contact

I cordially invite you to do so, because only with a coordinated approach can we identify and achieve the right goals.

Best regards, 

Prof. Dr. Mitjan Kalin, Dean


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