Domestic research projects


Research projects (co)funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.


HeadProject titlePeriod
doc. dr. Damijan ZorkoFast evaluation of tooth bending fatigue strength of polymer gears01.10.2021 - 30.09.2023
prof. dr. David Stopar (vodja projekta s strani UL FS izr. prof. dr. Matija Jezeršek)Laser assisted removal of biofilms associated with periodontal and peri-implant diseases01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
doc. dr. Andrej SveteAdvanced shock tube system for high-frequency primary dynamic pressure calibration01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
dr. Borut ČerneRenewable bio-based composite gears – development and performance evaluation using enhanced experimental analyses and numerical simulations01.10.2021 - 30.09.2023
prof. dr. Andrej KitanovskiTCCbuilder: An open-source simulation tool for thermal control circuits01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Matevž DularControlled generation of microbubbles and exploration of their physics for exploitation in chemistry, biology and medicine01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
izr. prof. dr. Peter GregorčičEngineering of future innovative and smart hybrid materials by combining laser-functionalized metals and living cells (LaserInSMArT)01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
doc. dr. Martin PetkovšekControlling extreme cavitation conditions by laser tailoring of surface functionalities (eCATS)01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
izr. prof. dr. Gregor Klančar (vodja projekta s strani UL FS doc. dr. Rok Vrabič)Development of a self-learning system for optimizing the driving rules of autonomous transport vehicles and their temporally and spatially coordinated activities01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Janko SlavičSingle-process 3D Printed Dynamic Sensors01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Rok PetkovšekGeneration of ultra-short laser pulses for very high speed and highly adaptable parallel microprocessing01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Marko HočevarLow emission household tumble drying with evaluation of damage to textile materials01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
doc. dr. Rok Zaplotnik (vodja projekta s strani UL FS prof. dr. Matevž Dular)Waterborne virus inactivation efficiency of a prototype device combining non-equilibrium plasma and hydrodynamic cavitation01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Irena Drevenšek Olenik (vodja projekta s strani UL FS izr. prof. dr. Matija Jezeršek)Magneto Responsive Surfaces for Manipulation of Light and Liquids01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
izr. prof. dr. Miroslav HalilovičDevelopment of technical guidelines for quadruple glazing01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik PeršeSustainable use of polymers in home appliances – Prediction of long-term viscoelastic behavior01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
doc. dr. Sabina Kolbl Repinc (vodja projekta s strani UL FS prof. dr. Marko Hočevar)Development of an optical measuring method for measurement of the turbulent two-phase flow with free surface01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Božidar ŠarlerAdvanced simulation and optimization of the entire process route for production of topmost steels01.10.2021 - 30.09.2024
prof. dr. Tomaž KatrašnikPreparation of expert documents, design of a database and development of a vehicle simulation model for calculation of the energy and environmental footprint with an aim to optimize implementation of the public transport service01.09.2021 - 31.08.2024
izr. prof. dr. Marija Klopčič (vodja projekta s strani UL FS doc. dr. Janez Benedičič)Development of sustainable barn construction concepts01.11.2020 - 31.10.2022
prof. dr. Stanislav Trdan (vodja projekta s strani UL FS prof. dr. Marko Hočevar)Management of brown marmorated stink bug in Slovenia01.11.2020 - 31.10.2023
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinTribological surface design with advanced metal additive manufacturing - TriboADAM01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
prof. dr. Tomaž KatrašnikAdvanced multi-scale modelling of NMC cathode materials for enhanced next-generation energy storage systems01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
dr. Umut Hanoglu (vodja projekta s strani UL FS prof. dr. Božidar Šarler) Simulation of hot rolling for topmost steel grades01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
prof. dr. Domen Leštan (vodja projekta s strani UL FS prof. dr. Matevž Dular) Method for decontamination of sewage sludge and sludge products for their sustainable use as phosphorous fertilizers01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
izr. prof. dr. Miha BrojanDevelopment of quasi-periodic deformation patterns in viscoelastic structures01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
dr. Andrej Kastrin (vodja projekta s strani UL FS izr. prof. dr. Janez Povh)Research collaboration prediction using literature-based discovery approach01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
izr. prof. dr. Tomaž PepelnjakAdaptable hardening of austenitic steel surfaces by cryogenic forming processes01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
prof. dr. Andrej KitanovskiMagBoost: Magnetocaloric booster micro-heat pump for district heating system01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
prof. ddr. Janez ŽerovnikStochastic models for logistics of industrial processes01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
prof. dr. Tone Lerher (vodja projekta s strani UL FS izr. prof. dr. Boris Jerman)Warehousing 4.0 – Integration model of robotics and warehouse order-picking systems01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
doc. dr. Matevž ZupančičEnhanced boiling heat transfer utilising hierarchical functionalized surfaces (eHEATs)01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
prof. dr. Miha Boltežar Vision based reduced order modeling approach for operational parameter identification of nonlinear finite element models01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023
prof. dr. Jernej KlemencAnalysis of failures that were detected at technical inspection procedures by using conventional statistical methods and data mining methods01.11.2019 - 31.10.2022

Domestic research projects - archive

HeadProject titlePeriod
prof. dr. Božidar Šarler Modelling for thermal control of Plasma Facing Components (PFCs) in fusion reactors01.03.2020 - 28.02.2022
doc. dr. Andreja Kukec (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Sašo Medved)Development of the prognostic model of exposure to indoor air pollutants in schools and preparation of evidence based measures for planning of efficient natural ventilation of the classrooms01.11.2019 - 31.10.2021
doc. dr. Martin Petkovšek Cavitation - a solution for microplastics degradation?01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
prof. dr. Spomenka Kobe (vodja projekta na UL FS doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik Perše)Development of complex shape multicomponent permanent magnets with the use of advanced 3D printing technology01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
doc. dr. Tine SeljakZero-footprint combustion for green power generation01.07.2019 - 30.06.2021
izr. prof. dr. Peter Gregorčič Laser micro and nano structuring for development of biomimetic metallic surfaces with unique properties (LaMiNaS)01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
prof. dr. Barbara Malič (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski)Electrocaloric elements for active cooling of electronic circuits01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
izr. prof. dr. Anton Bergant (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Božidar Šarler)Modelling of trapped air pockets in hydraulic piping systems01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
doc. dr. Marko Polajnar Novel design of EHL contacts by employing solid-liquid interface phenomena01.07.2019 - 30.06.2021
prof. dr. Franci PušavecDevelopment and implementation of innovative machining technology for machining ZnO based ceramics with defined cutting geometry, in serial production, to increase the quality of varistors as final products01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
prof. dr. Matjaž Godec (vodja projekta na UL FS izr. prof. dr. Peter Gregorčič)New Conventional and Additive Manufactured Biodegradable Fe-Mn alloy with Tailored Biodegradability01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
izr. prof. dr. Matija JezeršekLaser-induced subsurface microdestruction of tissue (LasDes)01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
prof. dr. Janko SlavičHigh-speed-camera based high-spatial-density sensing of 3D vibrations with applications in digital-twins and remote sensing01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
dr. Gregor Dolanc (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Mihael Sekavčnik)Optimization based control of P2G converter connected to hydro power plant01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
prof. dr. Božidar ŠarlerAdvanced meshless modelling and simulation of multiphase systems 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
prof. dr. Miha BoltežarHybrid Dynamic Substructuring in the Industry of Home Appliances01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
dr. Alexandra Aulova Neural networks for determination of polymer creep response at different temperatures 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2021
doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik PeršeRheological behavior and mechanical properties for processing of highly filled powder – polymer systems01.11.2018 - 31.10.2021
prof. dr. Maja Ravnikar (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Matevž Dular)Development of new, environment-friendly approaches for plant and human virus inactivation in waters01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
dr. Urban TomcDigital microfluidics in magnetocaloric refrigeration01.07.2018 - 30.06.2020
prof. dr. Rok PetkovšekUltrashort pulses on demand01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
doc. dr. Hana Uršič Nemevšek (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski)Multicaloric cooling01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
viš. znan. sod. dr. Tomaž PožarSpatial and temporal shaping of laser light for minimally invasive ophthalmic procedures01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinNano-engineered Green lubrication technology for sustainable high-performance stamping01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
doc. dr. Miha BrojanCrystallography of wrinkled elastic surfaces01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
prof. dr. Božidar ŠarlerMultiphysics and multiscale numerical modelling for competitive continuous casting01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
izr. prof. dr. Janez PovhExtending first and second order algorithms for nested classes of optimization problems to solve computationally challenging industrial questions01.01.2018 - 31.12.2020
dr. Nataša Pržulj (vodja projekta na UL FS izr. prof. dr. Janez Povh)Biomedical data fusion using a non-negative matrix tri-factorization01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
izr. prof. dr. Franci Pušavec Development and implementation of cryogenic machining into serial production industry for increasing productivity of drilling and milling processes 01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
izr. prof. dr. Matej Vesenjak (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Marko Nagode)Development of multifunctional auxetic cellular structures01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
dr. Matija Milanič (vodja projekta na UL FS izr. prof. dr. Matija Jezeršek)Combined multispectral and thermographic imaging for screening and monitoring of small joint arthritis01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
izr. prof. dr. Janez Kovač (vodja projekta na UL FS doc. dr. Damjan Klobčar)Selective plasma oxidation of FeCrAl alloys for extended-lifetime of glow plugs for diesel engines01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
doc. dr. Martin PetkovšekScale effects in acoustic cavitation in various liquids with dimensionless number definition01.05.2017 - 30.04.2019
doc. dr. Vid AgrežHigh power highly adaptable fiber lasers for the industrial applications01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
prof. dr. Tomaž KatrašnikNext-generation electrochemical LiFePO4 battery model01.05.2017 - 30.04.2020
izr. prof. dr. Janez Povh High-Performance Solver for Binary Quadratic Problems01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019
dr. Viktor Jejčič (vodja projekta na UL FS doc. dr. Janez Benedičič)Technological solutions for high – quality hay production01.10.2016 - 30.09.2019
izr. prof. dr. Aleš Fidler (vodja projekta na UL FS izr. prof. dr. Matija Jezeršek)Optodynamic optimization of laser root canal irrigation01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019
prof. dr. Andrej KitanovskiAdvanced electrocaloric energy conversion01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019
prof. dr. Nataša Zabukovec Logar (vodja projekta na UL FS izr. prof. dr. Uroš Stritih)Advanced heat storage materials for integrated storage solutions01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019
prof. dr. Igor EmriElecrospun nanofibrous materials for solid state drug delivery system01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019
prof. dr. Đani Juričić (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin)E-maintenance of electro-mechanical drives: prognostics and health management solutions under non-stationary operating conditions01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019
prof. dr. Ester Heath (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Marko Hočevar)Improved treatment and monitoring of Water Framework Directive priority pollutants01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinNanoscale engineering of the contact interfaces for green lubrication technology01.01.2016 - 31.12.2018
doc. dr. Jaka TušekFrom the elastocaloric effect to the efficient cooling device01.01.2016 - 31.01.2018
izr. prof. dr. Martin Milanič (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. ddr. Janez Žerovnik) Independence in domination in structured graph classes01.01.2016 - 31.12.2018
prof. dr. Zdravko Kutnjak (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski)New advanced electrocaloric materials for novel environmentally-friendly dielectric refrigeration technology01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
prof. dr. Miha BoltežarVibrational fatigue in automotive industry01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
prof. dr. Igor EmriImprovement of flowability and density of feedstock used in nanoPowder Injection Moulding (nanoPIM)01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
prof. dr. Janko SlavičSmart Systems and Structural Dynamics01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
izr. prof. dr. Franci PušavecDevelopment and production of taylor made milling tools, coatings and corresponding manufacturing technologis in individual tooling industry01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
izr. prof. dr. Rok Petkovšek Hybrid high power ps laser01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
prof. dr. Barbara Malič (vodja projekta na UL FS prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski)Micro-electromechanical and electrocaloric layer elements01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
prof. dr. Matevž DularHigh fidelity experiments and simulations for understanding and predicting cavitation erosion01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017