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Research projects (co)funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.


  • Member of University of Ljubljana: UL Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Project code: J2-9223
  • Project title: Crystallography of wrinkled elastic surfaces
  • Period: 01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
  • Range on year: 0,75
  • Head: doc. dr. Miha Brojan
  • Research activity: Engineering sciences and technologies 
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We will show that periodic self-arranged deformation patterns such as found in wrinkled elastic surfaces can be represented in the framework of solid crystals and smectic liquid crystals. The key is to find a mapping from deformation topography to the field of both well established crystallographies. This mapping will enable us to port many ideas from crystallography back to deformations in the Continuum/Structural mechanics framework. The results of the proposed project will:

i) reveal some new properties of deformable mechanical systems which cannot be described only from the perspective of structural mechanics,

ii) simplify the solution procedures in the Continuum/Structural mechanics framework,

iii) enable several original approaches to applications in mechanics of structures.


The key parts of the project are:

a) development of analytical tools

b) development of numerical tools

c) simulations of given problems

d) experiments: polymer engineering and special devices, carrying out the experiments

e) dissemination, writing reports, scientific contributions


The phases of the project and their realization:

In the first half of the project, the key project phases are at the following stage (in %):

a) development of analytical tools (40 %)

b) development of numerical tools (100 %)

c) simulations of given problems (40 %)

d) experiments: polymer engineering and special devices, carrying out the experiments (60 %)

e) dissemination, writing reports, scientific contributions.