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  • Member of University of Ljubljana: UL Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Project code: L2-9244
  • Project title: Nano-engineered Green lubrication technology for sustainable high-performance stamping
  • Period: 01.07.2018 - 30.06.2021
  • Range on year: 0,67
  • Head: prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin
  • Research activity: Engineering sciences and technologies 
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The GreenSTAMP project is about designing novel, green, high-performance, boundary-film contacts for stamping that satisfy technological and increasingly strict legislative requirements that will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. This is a critical requirement for stamping and other heavy-loaded lubricated mechanical components because existing European and national regulations has already placed severe restrictions on the use of many of the most effective lubricant additives and so are affecting the performance of some modern machinery.

In this intra-sectorial and interdisciplinary project the two world-leading groups will search for a breakthrough answer: an academic team that has pioneered much of the research in boundary films and boundary lubrication (Laboratory for Tribology and Interface NanoTechnology; TINT); and the R&D team of Hidria corporation, one of the world’s top-4 leading producers of high-quality stamping electrical steel laminations for stacks and EM for the most prominent OEMs in the automotive segment. Hidria, which is among the leading European companies in high-tech sustainable and green technologies, is determined to be the first to introduce novel, advanced, green lubrication in heavy-duty stamping, and so satisfy the stringent environmental regulations and at the same time achieve improved performance.

The phases of the project and their realization:

WP1 – Selection of materials, lubricants & sample preparation (Lead Partner: Hidria)

Task 1.1: Selection of materials (Hidria): This task has been realized.

Task 1.2: Selection of base fluids and additives (Hidria, TINT): This task has not been realized yet.

Task 1.3: Preparation of mixtures (TINT, Hidria): This task has not been realized yet.

Task 1.4: Material samples preparation (TINT): This task has not been realized yet.


WP2 – Wetting, free surface energy, solubility, cleanliness and corrosion (Lead Partner: TINT)

Task 2.1: Surface free energy and wetting (TINT): This task is in realization (realization evaluation: 20 %).

Task 2.2: Mixtures solubility (TINT): This task has not been realized yet.

Task 2.3: Mixtures cleaning and corrosiveness (Hidria): This task has not been realized yet.


WP3 – Tribo-contact lubrication performance (Lead Partner: TINT)

Task 3.1: Definition of contact conditions and tribological testing (TINT): This task is in realization (realization evaluation: 70 %).

Task 3.2: Tribometric analyses (TINT): This task is in realization (realization evaluation: 70 %).


WP4 – Nano-scale mechanical and tribochemical characterisation of boundary films (Lead Partner: TINT)

Task 4.1: Characterization of boundary films (TINT, Hidria): This task is in realization (realization evaluation: 30 %).


WP5 – Wear mechanisms mapping and Lab-scale tribology test methodology (Lead Partner: TINT)

Task 5.1: Wear mechanisms mapping (TINT): This task is in realization (realization evaluation: 35 %).

Task 5.2: Lab-scale stamping method and its methodology (TINT): This task is in realization (realization evaluation: 75 %).


WP6 – Real-scale validation (Lead Partner: Hidria)

Task 6.1: Validation (Hidria): This task has not been realized yet.


WP7 – Lubrication mechanisms, optimisation and interface design (Lead Partner: TINT)

Task 7.1: Determining lubrication mechanisms (TINT): This task has not been realized yet.

Task 7.2: Nano-engineered green lubrication interface design (TINT, Hidria): This task has not been realized yet.


WP8 – Management (Lead Partner: TINT)

Task 8.1: Coordinator, SB and DEB activity: This task is running all the time.

Task 8.2: Management of daily activities: This task is running all the time.


WP9 – Exploitation and Dissemination (Lead Partner: Hidria)

Task 9.1: Ensuring maximum public coverage of the results: This task is running all the time.

Task 9.2: IPR and Industrialisation activities: This task will ne in realization on demand.