List and price list of research equipment


Research Equipment (co)funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.

Equipment administratorFull name of equipmentPrice per hour (EUR - VAT not included)
prof. dr. Edvard GovekarSystem for visual characterisation of manufacturing45 €
prof. dr. Iztok GolobičFast speed fluid system for monitoring dynamical and thermo processes45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinFretting test rig with equipment for contact surface analysis45 €
izr. prof. dr. Rok PetkovšekLaser sources with equipment45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinInstrumentation for degradation stability analysis of biodegradable oils45 €
doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik Perše System for analayzing of microdeformations submicronic fibers by thermo-mechanical loading with pulse laser45 €
izr. prof. dr. Franci PušavecCyclom scanning device with sensors45 €
prof. dr. Božidar ŠarlerConstant Temperature Anemometer45 €
prof. dr. Marko HočevarTwo component laser Doppler anemometer45 €
prof. dr. Roman ŠturmSystem for survey of surface integrity after mechanical and thermo processing45 €
doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik Perše Modificated extrudor with regulation of thermo-mechanical load of material45 €
prof. dr. Marko NagodeMesurement and CAE equipment for special R&D evaluations45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinEquipment for investigation and characterization of wear nano-tribological mechanisms 45 €
doc. dr. Miha BrojanTemperature chamber with required equipment, mesurament and programm equipment for analyzing intelligent elements45 €
izr. prof. dr. Rok PetkovšekLaser sources with equipment45 €
prof. dr. Edvard GovekarSystem for characterization of technological processes45 €
prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski / izr. prof. dr. Uroš StritihFLIR ThermaCAM S65 -FLIR Systems45 €
prof. dr. Božidar ŠarlerPressure sensor processing unit45 €
prof. dr. Marko HočevarCavitation tunnel45 €
doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik Perše System for refunctionanalayzing of construction polymers45 €
izr. prof. dr. Jurij PrezeljAcustic camera with system for modeliring the spread of noise in place and environment45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinInterchangeable machine for adjustable tribological testing45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinTraction machine for “in-situ” measurement of boundary lubricating films on nanoscale range45 €
doc. dr. Lidija Slemenik Perše Nanoindenter – system for nano-indentation 45 €
izr. prof. dr. Matija JezeršekExperimental laser based micro-machining system45 €
izr. prof. dr. Franci PušavecHigh speed milling machine Sodick MC 430L45 €
doc. dr. Tone ČešnovarHPC; ANSYS45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin3D optical interferometer45 €
prof. dr. Miha Boltežar Accelerometer calibrator45 €
izr. prof. dr. Primož PodržajEquipment for control and processing of PM optical fibers45 €
prof. dr. Edvard GovekarLaser systems and measurement equipment45 €
prof. dr. Tomaž KatrašnikPortable emission measurement system45 €
izr. prof. dr. Franci Pušavec3D printer ProJet 3510 SD45 €
prof. dr. Iztok GolobičSystem for the analysis of fast heat and mass transfer events in visible and infrared spectrum45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinScanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with low vacuum mode (LV-SEM) and EDS analyzer, also for analyzing with oil contaminated or non-conductive samples 45 €
izr. prof. dr. Franci PušavecOptical contactless 3D microscope45 €
izr. prof. dr. Matija JezeršekHighresolution and highspeed camera for research of laser processes, cavitation and deformation45 €
izr. prof. dr. Matija JezeršekPicosecond fibre laser with adjustable pulse duration for optodynamic microprocessing45 €
prof. dr. Roman ŠturmXRD stress analysis system45 €
dr. Andrej JeromenDigital optical microscope with capture of topography45 €
prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski Modular research refrigerator system 45 €
prof. dr. Mitjan KalinAtomic force microscope (AFM) with possibility of quantitative analysis of mechanical properties of tribological surfaces and boundary films45 €
prof. dr. Marko NagodeUpgrade of the MTS 100 kN testing machine with the uniaxial 25 kN servo-pulsating testing machine45 €