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Since research work is a fundamental basis for modern quality education work, research groups are intensively engaged in research activities. This is demonstrated by numerous research projects and developmentally applied assignments for the field of economy. Knowledge gained from research and development assignments is transmitted to students through education work as well as participation in international and domestic conferences and symposia.

Our researchers conduct research, consulting and education work for the most important Slovenian and international institutions.


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Projects Creative path to practical knowledge 

Coordinator Title Duration
Assist. Prof. Damjan Klobčar, Ph.D. Development study of modular holder from the standpoint of the load, materials and manufacturing technologies 1.2.2015-31.7.2015
Assoc. Prof. Rok Petkovšek, Ph.D. Pump and test systems for fiber and solid state lasers 1.2.2015-31.7.2015
Assoc. Prof. Matija Jezeršek, Ph.D. Automatic programing and monitoring of robotic laser manufacturing processes 1.2.2015-31.7.2015
Assoc. Prof. Matija Jezeršek, Ph.D. Development of detection methods and mechatronic components for control of laser medical treatments 1.2.2015-31.7.2015



The project is partially funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The project is implemented under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development for the period 2007-2013, the first development priority.


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