Vabilo na predavanje gostujočega profesorja - dr. Zlate Dimkovski

dne 21.03.2018

lokacija: Fakulteta za strojništvo

Vljudno vas vabimo na predavanje gostujočega profesorja s Švedske:

                                                                            Dr. Zlate Dimkovski (Halmstad University).

Predavanje z naslovom Surface characterization bo v sredo, 21. marca, 2018 ob 10. uri v predavalnici DS-P1.


The surface characterization includes metrology and analysis of surfaces used in different engineering applications. Pros and cons of mechanical and optical instruments will be shortly discussed. Processing of the optical measurements will be one topic not only important for surface requirements but also for the contact simulations. Overview of surface parameters will be given and some advances in surface processing and parametrization will be mentioned.


Predavanje z naslovom Contact of rough surfaces bo v sredo, 21. marca, 2018 ob 14. uri v predavalnici DS-P1.


Overview of models used for contact simulations of rough surfaces will be presented. Results of an elasto-plastic model applied on cam-roller contacts of truck valvetrain will be shown. However, the focus will be on the boundary element method with an illustration on a gear and biomechanical application. Analysis of the contact pressure and subsurface stresses of gear application will be presented. A combination of a contact model with a fluid flow model is often used to simulate the mixed lubrication regime. An example of mixed lubrication model to predict the friction between an oil control ring and cylinder liner of a truck engine will be given and the influence of the filtering and measurement type will be discussed.


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