Vabilo na predavanje - prof. dr. Tetsuo Sakka (Kyoto University, Japonska)

dne 02.10.2018

lokacija: Fakulteta za strojništvo

Vabilo na predavanje

Development of underwater laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for in-situ elemental analysis of submerged solid target, ki ga bo izvedel prof. dr. Tetsuo Sakka (Kyoto University, Japonska). Predavanje bo v torek, 2.10.2018 ob 10:30 v sobi II/3A

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), or laser plasma spectroscopy, measures the emission spectra of atoms in laser plasma, and is applied to in-situ elemental analysis of solid targets. This method is applicable in principle also to the target submerged in liquid. However, for the measurement to be analytically accurate and quantitative, we need to diagnose and control the laser plasma. This talk will introduce the results of study to improve the spectral quality of the underwater LIBS system, and indicate the way to the quantitative analysis by this method.


Prof. Tetsuo Sakka is a professor at Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University. He is interested in the investigation of chemical reactions in the underwater laser-induced plasma. This is to improve the quantitative LIBS analysis of submerged solid target. He is also interested in the physical chemistry of interfacial phenomena in general. Currently, he is working on liquid interfaces with trapping solid particles, to investigate the formation mechanism of Pickering emulsion.


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