Workshop for doctoral students

Guidelines for Academic Writing and

Successful Publication of Scientific Papers



WHEN: On Friday, 8th of Decembert at 3PM in room IV/4.

The workshop will be held in English by prof. dr. Marjan Mernik (UM FERI).

The workshop is intended for young higher education teachers/researchers and doctoral students who don’t have a lot of experience in writing and publishing scientific papers. At the workshop you will be given numerous advice that will help you with writing and publishing of scientific papers.

  • The point of publishing scientific papers.
  • The proper structure and content of a quality paper.
  • Advice on writing and publishing scientific papers.
  • Common mistakes at writing scientific papers.
  • Reviewing scientific papers in the eyes of reviewer and editor.

Please register for the workshop by Friday, 1. 12. 2023, at this link:

Don’t forget to bring the spreadsheet on which students record attendance at defences or presentations of seminars or doctoral dissertation topics or defences of other students’ doctoral dissertations. A workshop for doctoral students on writing scientific papers is classified as an obligation of the Level III students. Students confirm their attendance at the workshop by lecturer’s signature on the spreadsheet. Given the extent of the workshop, it may replace two other presentations. The student submits the completed spreadsheet to the Student Affairs Office. Students cannot defend their doctoral dissertation without this completed commitment (FME Senate decision of 26 May 2011 and 20 June 2019). – under the Table to record seminar, doctoral dissertation topic presentation


Link if you will attend the workshop online:

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Meeting ID: 916 3283 4379

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