Why Health?

  • 8 international research projects (last 5 years, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, ERC)
  • 21 national research projects (last 5 years, Slovenian Research Agency)
  • 15 industrial research projects (last 5 years)
  • 89 experts, including 25 PhD students, 11 post-docs, and 53 senior researchers
  • 5+ million EUR of dedicated equipment

Our aims

To face the combined challenges of an aging population, rising healthcare costs, globalization, and public spending constraints, healthcare systems need to become more cost-effective, accessible, and robust to remain sustainable. It means embracing and making full use of innovative technologies that can support more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible healthcare solutions, in turn leading to prevention and eradication of disease and the use of modern technologies to support surveillance and detection of health condition. From digital health and data science to development of new technologies and processes, the experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are working on numerous healthcare challenges with you to pave the way towards new and improved solutions.

Our expertise

Medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices have a fundamental role in protecting and improving health in an aging population. They provide innovative healthcare solutions for all stages of the disease: diagnosis, monitoring, alleviation, prevention as well as prediction.

One of our challenges is to develop faster, non-invasive, and more precise diagnostics and medical procedures. We will achieve this through our innovations in the fields of laser technologies, photonics, digitalization of the human body, and medical mechatronics, among others, complemented by the “cutting edge” knowledge of fluids… cavitation phenomena… numerical modeling and simulations… and 3D printing of advanced materials.

Modernization of health infrastructure is focused on improving the efficiency, safety, resilience and accessibility of health systems. Digitalization of health infrastructure represents an innovative approach and means integration of new engineering and IoT solutions, advanced tools and services to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health-related issues and lifestyle-habits that impact health.

The team covers two areas of expertise. The first, the digitalization of healthcare focused on numerical and experimental development of process equipment and smart modelling, simulation, and real-time optimization to achieve lean and agile processes. The second, focused on advanced technological solutions, represents the development of hydraulic and pneumatic systems for healthcare devices, innovative air cleaning methods as well as micromanufacturing principles including devices, and advanced techniques.


We can help you to solve your challenges. Contas us at rr@fs.uni-lj.si.

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