Peskovnik is an open lab for students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Ljubljana. In Peskovnik students can learn, research and make stuff.

Our members hold various interdisciplinary and practical workshops. The weekly schedule is posted on our web page, where you can also find information about the workshops and the application form.

Students can apply twice per year to receive funding for student projects. Projects such as: high-speed 3D printing, airplane for the future of mobility, toast machine, multi-axis multi-purpose manipulator and many others have already been completed. Please know, that you can apply for a student project only if you have at least the trainee status in Peskovnik (you must complete the 3 mandatory workshops and a course about saftey at work).

Follow our web site and sign up for the friday newsletter, where we publish all the important information. For more information, you can write to or call 01 477 11 49.

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