European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

The EIT helps businesses, educational and research bodies work together to create an environment conducive for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.

What it does

The EIT increases Europe’s capacity to innovate, compete with foreign peers and so create jobs and wealth.

It brings together the 3 key players in innovation – business, education and research – to form dynamic, multi-country partnerships, known as Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), which:

  • develop innovative products & services
  • start new companies
  • train a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Working closely together in these partnerships, leading companies, universities and research centres create more effective and innovative solutions for Europe.

 Who benefits

The EIT works with a wide range of innovation stakeholders, specifically:

EIT Manufacturing Mission: Bringing together Europe’s manufacturing actors

Manufacturing is the main driver of Europe’s industrial innovation, its job creation, and its growth. But our manufacturing sector remains too fragmented and beholden to unsustainable economic models. That needs to end.

EIT Manufacturing is working on all fronts to make sure manufacturing industries are keeping up. Through its Knowledge and Innovation Community model, it’s empowering ambitious companies looking to make a positive difference on climate and communities. It’s speeding up the take-up of sustainable innovations in manufacturing technology. And most important of all, it’s giving power back to the people with the skills to be the workforce of tomorrow.

Forging a new future on the factory floor

Whether you want to learn what it takes to run the factories of the future or have a bright idea for what those factories could look like, EIT Manufacturing is the place to be. It has no lesser ambition than to dramatically reduce industrial emissions while boosting Europe’s growth simultaneously and it will need people like yourself to pull it off!

EIT Manufacturing can help you:

  • Learn all about new industry skills and where innovation is most needed
  • Develop the skills and business acumen you need to confidently launch your venture
  • Find investors and businesses willing to advise you and support your endeavours
  • Get the support you need to get your new company off the ground in Europe
  • Develop a network in across the manufacturing sector that will last a lifetime


Unique approach: Innovation based on industry needs

  • Public-private partnership
  • A holistic, tested method
  • Focus on solutions to high-value manufacturing challenges
  • 80+ full members, 50+ activity partners: leading companies, universities and research organisations
  • €400M budget until 2026

EIT Manufacturing Goals by 2030

  • 30% of material use is circular.
  • Create 360 new solutions.
  • €325M investment attracted by EIT ventures.
  • 50,000 people trained and up- or re-skilled.
  • Create and support 1.000 startups.

  • The EIT Manufacturing Hub is the hub of the EIT Network for Manufacturing Organisations and Innovation, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the European Union (Horizon Europe).
  • The EIT Manufacturing Network aims to bring together European manufacturers in innovation ecosystems that add unique value to European products, processes and services and stimulate the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing.
  • The EIT thus combines three pillars: Education, Innovation and Industrialization.
  • In Slovenia, the EIT Manufacturing Hub is located at the University of Ljubljana and its activities are led by its member, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
  • The main goals and tasks are:
    • create a unified representation of EIT Manufacturing in the RIS countries of the EIT Regional Innovation Programme – Eastern EU Region,
    • increase involvement and participation of local partners and attract new members,
    • support local innovators and SMEs,
    • raise awareness and support from local/national authorities,
    • disseminate activities between business/industry and academic circles (faculties and students),
    • carry out know-how transfer to facilitate the development of companies/innovators (start-ups, digitalization, expansions, etc.).


The contact person for the EIT Manufacturing Hub Slovenia is:

Prof. dr. Franci Pušavec

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: +386-1-4771 438



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