Why Factories of the Future?

  • 16 international research projects (last 5 years, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe)
  • 23 national research projects (last 5 years, Slovenian Research Agency)
  • 28 industrial research projects (last 5 years)
  • 86 experts, including 32 PhD students, 17 post-docs, and 37 senior researchers
  • 5+ million EUR of dedicated equipment

Our aims

Platform Factories of the Future is focused on sustainable, efficient, and tailored manufacturing and materials processing by massively using digitalization and automation of systems and processes. We are addressing the virtual tailoring of the production processes specific to individual needs. We are developing entirely new types of intelligent, adaptive, and scalable production processes such as micro and nano-manufacturing. We are optimizing the existing technologies and seeking innovative solutions that use all types of resources more efficiently and environmentally friendly. We are introducing advanced digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to foster competitiveness and expand employment opportunities. The goal of our activities is to contribute to environmentally and socially sustainable, safe, and attractive workplaces.

Our expertise

Our expertise in sustainable, efficient, and tailored manufacturing is among others focused on resilient, flexible, and highly efficient manufacturing technologies, production and processing of composites, non-traditional and micro-manufacturing processes, emerging sustainable manufacturing, green lubrication, development of smart equipment, and life cycle assessment. We are focused on multiscale modelling and simulation of individual process steps as well as the entire process chain, development and optimization of additive manufacturing technologies and laser-based processes for gradient materials, and other performance-oriented products. We are specialized in destructive and non-destructive testing, acoustic emission, ultrasound, and computer vision for different evaluation purposes.

Our expertise in digitalization and automation of processes and systems is among others focused on development of new strategies for distributed control, design of multi-agent systems in data driven factories, integrated artificial intelligence based cloud and edge computing, real time data analytics, decision-making algorithms for production processes, material flow path optimization, research on tolerance analyses considering iso-geometric product specifications, and design of smart adaptable workplaces. Our digitalization capabilities include design and development of digital twins, cyber-physical systems design, and development, information connection between different subsystems, development of smart machines, automation of manipulation, handling, and assembly using mechatronic systems, digital twin-based material processing with integrated physical and artificial intelligence components.


We can help you to solve your challenges. Contas us at rr@fs.uni-lj.si.

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