After entering your personal page in the VIS system, select Registration form / Registration in the menu on the left.

If you want to receive SMS messages (exam results), select the “Notification via SMS” option on the registration form. If you do not want to receive SMS notifications, leave the box empty. Subscription to SMS notifications is not mandatory for students. The price of SMS notification according to the FS price list for the academic year 2023/2024 is €5.

After entering all the required data in the registration form, confirm the entry with the Confirmation button.

The entered data is displayed again on the screen for review. If the entered data is correct, submit the registration form by clicking on Confirmation.
When the registration form has been successfully submitted, the screen will display REGISTRATION SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED.


It is not possible to print the enrolment form because it is automatically transferred to VIS!

You MUST send/deliver the following documentation to the faculty:

  1. Proof of payment of tuition fees (does not apply to self-payers: Self-payers will receive an invoice in VIS, after completing registration. If you apply for co-financing, the invoice for the non-co-financed part of the tuition fee will be in VIS only when the co-financed part of the tuition fee is known.).
  •  Young researchers deliver a mentor’s statement to FS,
  • assistants and employees of FS submit a proposal for referral to professional education.
  • If the tuition fee is paid by a third party (e.g. a company), the candidate delivers the Agreement on Access to the Debt (in 2 copies).

2. Contract on education (in 2 copies).

3. Consent on the co-financing of doctoral study fees – anyone applying for co-financing of doctoral studies must also complete this consent – the conditions are stated on the consent. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MRs)
4. Student card (optional)


After the completed (confirmed) enrolment (within a few working days after submitting the enrolment form), you will:

  • received an invoice for enrollment and tuition by e-mail (does not apply to FS employees)
  • in the VIS system, you can print a certificate of enrollment (in Slovenian and English) (VIS: “My data > Certificate of enrollment / Certificate of completed exams”)
  • received 1x signed contract
  • received 1x agreement on accession to the debt (only in the case of tuition payment by a third party)


You can deliver the enrollment documentation in several ways:

  • by mail to the address: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Aškerčeva 6, 1000 Ljubljana, with the note “VPIS- III. rate’.
  • hand it in to the mailbox opposite the student office in the main corridor on the 1st floor or in person to the student office by 3 p.m. (there are no office hours at the III level).
  • If you have a digital signature, you can sign the required documents digitally and send them by e-mail to the address

The last day of enrollment in š.l. 2022/2023 is 22 September 2023.



For enrolment in 2nd year:

For enrolment in 3rd year:

For enrolment in 4th year:

For enrolment in additional year:


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