The GREENTECH research programme has been awarded funding under the Recovery and Resilience Plan’s call for proposals to co-fund longer-term, large-scale collaborative research and innovation programmes in the TRL 3-6 range.

GREENTECH brings together the best scientific expertise with the best industrial partners to help Slovenian companies make the green transition at two levels: the production process and the products. GREENTECH is a research programme that will enable the interconnection of breakthrough solutions across the value chain of the R&D-manufacturing process – from R&D solutions, to technology solutions in manufacturing, to energy-efficient appliance solutions based on EU materials. The research programme will first have an impact on the green transition in Slovenia, and then extend its impact to the European Union and the planet as a whole.

We estimate that over a ten-year period, when the solutions are fully implemented in the EU market, the research programme will help to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 17 million tonnes, energy consumption by almost 9 billion kWh and material consumption by around 800,000 tonnes, through savings in the production process and greener products.

The consortium includes Gorenje, d.o.o., Domel, d.o.o., LPKF, d.o.o., Yaskawa Slovenija d.o.o., Danfoss Trata, d.o.o., Kronoterm, d.o.o. and Medius, d.o.o., as well as the research organisations Faculty of Social Sciences (UL) and the University of Ljubljana (UP). The lead partner is the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UL).

The research programme is worth €5.2 million and is co-funded with €3.75 million.

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