Today we have concluded the first “Explore and Propel the Future” summer research camp for high school students.

We were joined by 20 students not only from Ljubljana grammar schools (Bežigrad, Vič, Moste, Vegova, Ljubljana, Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, BIC), but also from all over Slovenia (Brežice, Novo mesto, Kamnik, Kranj, Ivančna Gorica, II. gimnazija Maribor). 15 boys and 5 girls spent the research week in 9 different laboratories within the Faculty, where they independently carried out various research activities under the supervision of our colleagues, and were also given interesting lectures every day by internationally renowned experts.

The week ended with presentations where the participants shared what they had explored, what they had learned and shared their experiences with the rest of the camp. Judging by the feedback, we are sure that we will see some of them as students, as their visit only confirmed that engineering is the profession of the future.

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