Research projects are (co)financed by the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency

The effective heat transfer limits current development of miniature electronic and mechatronic devices. One of the most suitable cooling methods for such devices is by liquid-vapour phase-change, known as boiling or evaporation. Boiling is a part of our everyday life and is utilized for cooling and general heat transfer in many applications on various scales – from boiling water reactors in large nuclear power plants to small heat pipes, which are massively produced and are employed in computers, mobile phones, solar collectors, and space applications. Boiling can be enhanced by through surface modification, which is a part of eHEATs. In this project, we will combine laser texturing and chemical vapour deposition to produce novel hybrid surfaces in order to provide best-in-class boiling performance and gain control over the complex nucleation phenomena. Finally, the effect of the boiling process on long-term stability of boiling surfaces, which is crucial for further development and later implementation into real systems, will be systematically studied using topography and surface chemistry analyses.

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