On Thursday, 29. 2. 2024 at 9 AM (CET), the candidate


will present the results of the research work at the level III. of doctoral studies, entitled:

Sustainable machining of carbon fiber and Ti6Al4V stacks with assistence of liquified CO2

Mentors: prof. dr. Franci Pušavec,
prof. dr. Pedro José Arazola
Co-mentor: prof. dr. Mikel Cuesta


prof. dr. Mihael Sekavčnik – president
prof. dr. Roman Šturm
prof. dr. Patxi Aristimuno (University of Mondragón, Spain)
prof. dr. Mikel Arizmendi (Universidad de Navarra)
prof. dr. Franci Pušavec – mentor
prof. dr. Pedro José Arazola (University of Mondragón, Spain) – mentor
prof. dr. Mikel Cuesta (University of Mondragón, Spain) – co-mentor

The presentation will take place in Leskovar’s room.

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