University of Ljubljana, Faculty of mechanical engineering in cooperation with Université libre de Bruxelles is organizing the 1st General Action Meeting within the CYPHER COST Action – “Cyber-Physical systems and digital twins for the decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries”.

The even will span over three days, April 10th-12th, 2024 in Intercontinental hotel in Ljubljana, with participants from 36 different countries, which will delve into the latest developments across the working groups, targeted specifically to Energy Intensive Industries:

  • WG1: Renewable Synthetic Fuels (RSF) combustion.
  • WG2: Generation of high-fidelity database for training machine learning training algorithms.
  • WG3: Development of hybrid physics-based machine learning models for reacting flows.
  • WG4: Digital Twins.

Keynote talks, round tables and workshops will be highly inclusive, conveying the view of academic experts, industrial partners, and policymakers, leading the way in sustainable industrial transformation.

Selected papers will have the opportunity for peer-reviewed publication in a special issue of the Open Access journal Results in Engineering (Elsevier, IF=5) and  prizes will be awarded for the best poster from each working group, celebrating outstanding contributions.

For more information and detailed programme visit:

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