What do foreign students tell about us ...

Jorge from Valencia

Spending my time in Ljubljana was the best experience ever. Going through the faculty, the best thing was the aid we received from the first day with all the doubts, paper things, etc. The professors also were kind and flexible with us in general. What I would improve is that practice dates and exams should be fixed before our arrival so we can plan our time and it is not changing all the time if X person cannot do it that day.
I would definitely recommend Ljubljana to everyone.

Victor from Madrid

In my opinion, the best thing of your faculty is the great amount of hours of laboratory work. I am not used to have so many laboratory work in my home university. In addition, the proximity between the professors and the students, professors are always available for us.
Maybe, the subjects planning is the negative point, because there is not a schedule of the exercises in the laboratory before the beginning of the subjects, and then it is difficult to set the schedule for all the subjects.
Thank you.

Victor from Grenoble   (Internship at FME)

I came to Ljubljana for my 3-months internship. The faculty has welcomed me very well and did everything so I could spend a good time in Slovenia. This country is quite small but has a great diversity of wonderful landscapes.
It was an amazing experience to discover a new kind of work here in Ljubljana.


Maxime from Nantes (Internship at FME)

I really enjoyed my time in Slovenia. I was working in a laboratory, where everyone welcomed me well. My mentors helped me whenever I needed help. Ljubljana is an amazing city in Slovenia is an awesome country. You can hike in the mountains and swim in the sea in a same day. If it is not hiking, you can ride a bike. If it is not the sea, you have lakes. You can do everything in Slovenia. Slovenian people speak English and are friendly. I love Slovenia and I will come back as soon as I can!

Thank you again for my internship. I wish you all the best.


Eva from Nantes (Internship at FME)

It was the best experience in my life. The country is awesome with all these kinds of landscapes: mountains, seas, forests, rivers, lakes ... just incredible! The life in Ljubljana is so pleasant: everything can be done by bicycle or by walking, I learn a lot on my way of life: the most eco-friendly country I have been to!
It was a really good experience at the University too! The great asset was the English level of people there and in all places in Slovenia.
Thank you again for having participated to my incredible experience! I hope to come back to Ljubljana as soon as I can!
Thank you for the T-shirt and thank you very much for this experience at the faculty! 

Yann from Lyon

Positive things:

  • Most of the teachers have an incredible level in the topics they are talking about. This way, to go to class and especially to the lectures was very pleasant and interesting.
  • Especially, lectures from Heat Engines (interesting knowledge), Stability of Constructions (interesting guys) and Development Evaluation (lot of written information on the board, which is cool) were very great.
  • If we had any problems or questions, teachers and international office was here to help us: to know what to visit, to tell some interesting things to know about Slovenia and Slovenian, to find a project or just to talk about everything!
  • It was an incredibly cool experience in Ljubljana!

Negative things/things to improve:

  • It is hard to follow a 2,5h/3h of a lecture; this was the case in Processes in Heat Engines, even if the lectures were so interesting, it is not possible to follow everything during such a big volume.
  • The amount of work was very different from one subject to another. For example: nearly no homework to do at Nanotechnologies (which is not bad if everyone follows the tutorial) and so much to do at Processes in Heat Engines (the teacher of the tutorial just wanted us to do the tutorial and do a lot of reports, that's what we did, but without understanding sometimes what we were doing ...)
  • Teachers were often waiting for late students, so students were coming later and later during the semester and it was too short lesson then!

And finally: a special thank to you for your welcoming us!


Ignacio from Barcelona

Ljubljana, a place that will stay in my heart forever! This beautiful and green city is small and full of students from all over the world so your best time is guaranteed there. Also, people at the Faculty of Mechanics are always willing to help and make a great experience out of your studies. I would choose it again, of course!


Ema from Skopje

Studying abroad through CEEPUS Network at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana was one of the most beneficial experiences of my master studies. I gained a lot of experience and expanded my mechanical engineering skills. Further, I had the opportunity to witness a completely new way of customs, traditions and social atmospheres. Another benefit was the chance to meet new friends with similar and different background, from the host country and all over the world.

I had the opportunity to experience different styles of education and to gain a lot of knowledge from every subject that I have been enrolled. Also, I had the chance to develop new skills in different engineering fields, throughout the collaboration and the commitment of my professors. As a student, I was well integrated in the host Faculty, as well as supported by the dedicated faculty staff. Facing the new challenges in a completely different environment was an extremely good and rewarding experience, both on personal and educational level.


Andrej from Rijeka

As a PhD student I have spent most of my working hours at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. The atmosphere at faculty was great due to positivity and help given by professors and staff. The laboratories were very well organized and equipped with all necessities for work and research. Other students definitely have my recommendation for choosing this faculty because all of knowledge, skills and friendships that I've gained.