Researchers from the Laboratory of measurements in process engineering (LMPS) in collaboration with the researchers from the National laboratory for pressure and vacuum at the Swedish national metrology institute (RISE) developed and evaluated a method for correcting the frequency responses of a pressure measurement systems obtained with a calibration using a shock tube for the acceleration-induced errors due to vibrations. The method is based on the predetermined frequency response of the pressure measurement system to the accelerations and simultaneous measurements of the vibration accelerations of the pressure sensor during its calibration in the shock tube. The results confirm that the developed method decreases the uncertainty of the obtained sensitivity and phase frequency responses of the acceleration-sensitive pressure measurement systems by few tens of percent and few tens of degrees, respectively. The published results represent an important contribution to the development of the shock tube as a primary standard for time-varying pressure. The research was published in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (IF = 8.934), one of the leading journals in the field of signal processing.

Figure 1: Mechanical model of the pressure sensor under the effects of the vibrations of the shock tube (left) and a diaphragmless shock tube at RISE (right).

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