On Tuesday 22 November 2022, the Estates Hall of the Ljubljana Castle hosted the award ceremony for the honorary title of “Slovenian Congress Ambassador 2022”, awarded by the Slovenian Congress Bureau. Our colleague Assoc. Prof. Uroš Stritih, PhD, Head of the Laboratory for Heating, Sanitary, Solar and Air Conditioning Engineering (LOSK), and Dr. Alenka Ristić from the Institute of Chemistry were also appointed Honorary Congress Ambassadors of Slovenia for 2022. This prestigious title was awarded for the organisation of the 15th International Conference on Energy Storage ENERSTOCK 2021 “Towards Smart Solutions”, which took place from 9 to 11 June 2021 at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana and was co-organised by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and the Institute of Chemistry.

As part of the Slovenian Ambassador Programme, the Slovenian Congress Bureau presented this year’s Slovenian Congress Ambassadors who, through their dedication, commitment, international engagement, and perseverance, have contributed to Slovenia hosting international scientific, professional. and other business and sporting events in recent years. The Slovenian Ambassador Programme is crucial to Slovenia’s success in attracting international scientific, professional and business events. During the event, the title “Congress Ambassador of Slovenia 2022” was also awarded, which this time went to 13 outstanding personalities.

At the ENERSTOCK 2021 international conference, held virtually during the Covid 19 epidemic, numerous renowned international energy experts gave presentations on their latest scientific and technological achievements. They also discussed trends and prospects in thermal and electrical energy storage, advances in research on energy storage materials and systems, climate policy, and other relevant topics. More than 250 researchers and experts from 28 countries around the world were able to listen to a wide range of talks and had the opportunity to present their own work in poster presentations. The conference programme, which was also attended by more than 50 young researchers, also included several exhibitions and innovations from business and industry.

Our sincere congratulations to everyone!

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