On Thursday, 14 February, the students once again used Peskovnik to showcase the ideas they had developed over the winter term: a modular 4-axis CNC foam cutter, an ultrasonic record cleaner, optimising the laminate drying process, and designing and building an inverted underwater harpoon. The interdisciplinary SpaceDent project, launched under the auspices of the ESA Academy Experiments Programme, the UL Faculty of Medicine and the UL Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, also presented its groundbreaking results in space dentistry.

The students also presented the new projects they will be working on during the semester: SkateHive – making a skateboard stand, a crossbow – a challenge for a medieval engineer, an intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system, a clay spindle and making a diatonic accordion. Among the group projects, Peskovnik’s smart toolbox will be launched in the summer semester.

Their presentations were listened to with interest by Gold, Silver and Bronze donors who support student innovation and engagement, and who also briefly addressed the students.

We look forward to seeing the results of the newly submitted projects!

Peskovnik already has 51 members! If you are tempted to think outside the box, come to a meeting every Thursday at 14:00 in Peskovník or sign up for the newsletter.

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