On Thursday, 26 October, the students presented their new ideas that they will be implementing during the winter term using Peskovnik: a modular 4-axis CNC foam cutter, an ultrasonic record cleaner, optimising the laminate drying process, and designing and building an inverted underwater harpoon. Their presentations were listened to with interest by gold, silver and bronze donors who support student innovation and engagement.

Previous Peskovnik projects have also been very successful: a high-speed 3D printer won the ‘Student Idea with Business Potential’ award at the IRT Forum, and this week they won the Rector’s Award in the student category. The SpaceDent student project, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the Faculty of Medicine and Peskovnik from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, is the first step in preparing dental medicine for the multi-year Artemis missions to the Moon and Mars. The students’ project won the European Space Agency’s Student PETRI competition in January this year, allowing them to carry out research in zero gravity.

We look forward to seeing the results of the newly submitted projects and invite all those who are tempted to think outside the box to join us for a meeting every Thursday at 14:00 in the Peskovnik or to sign up for the newsletter.

Photo: IFP d.o.o.

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