Building sustainability certification methods, such as DGNB or WELL, also include the perceived quality of the window view motif as an indicator of the quality of the indoor environment in buildings. The indicator is also included in the EN 17037:2019 standard.

The existing assessment methods do not link quantitative, i.e. composition properties of the window motif, with its qualitative assessment, expressed by the observer’s personal assessment. In the article published in the Journal of Building Engineering (IF 7,144) by researchers from the Laboratory for Sustainable Technologies in Buildings, a method is presented that combines both methods of evaluation.

A predictive model was created, which also includes meteorological variables in the quantitative assessment. The contribution of the work is also a critical evaluation of the assessment method, as proposed by the new technical standard EN 17307, which was not confirmed. The novelty is also a simultaneous investigation of the perceived quality of the window view motif and the physiological response of the test subjects, which was monitored with a wearable EEG device.

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