The book “Advances in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials” has been published by Springer and is dedicated to the 70th birthday of our retired Full Professor Dr. Igor Emri. Prof. Dr. Emri, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gustav Knauss (California Institute of Technology) are pioneers in the field of mechanics of time-dependent materials, which they founded in 1993 as a section of the American Society of Experimental Mechanics. The first international conference in the field was held in Ljubljana in 1995, and today the venues rotate between Europe, North America, and Asia.

Today, the mechanics of time-dependent materials is one of the most important and fastest-growing areas of mechanics and will undoubtedly leave a significant historical footprint in science and industry. Professor Emri has had a profound influence on the field, as evidenced by his bibliography of more than 300 (co-)authored works. Since its launch in 1997, Prof. Dr. Emri, has also been the editor of the journal “Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials”, published by Springer.

Divided into 13 chapters and 247 pages, the book covers current trends in the mechanics of time-dependent materials as well as many ground-breaking studies such as the characterisation of the linear and non-linear mechanical behaviour of viscoelastic materials and their composites, the consideration of large strains, low, moderate and high strain rates, and the phenomenon of failure and fracture. Advanced applications inspire contributions in modern technologies such as injection moulding and extrusion.

More information about the book can be found here.

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