This year’s 10th Summer School of Mechanical Engineering was attended by 82 participants who spent the end of the holidays in 10 workshops: 3D Printing of Products, Building a Simple Glider ­ – From Concept to Product, Hydraulic Soft Robot, HPC – High Performance Computing, Building a Mini Wind Farm, Making a 3D Seal with Your Signature, Making a Heat Engine, Mobile Robot, Smart Solar Flower, and Stirling Engine – A Challenge for Sustainable Development.

The participants first designed, then built and finally tested the products. Participants in the Making a Simple Heat Engine workshop also visited the Ljubljana Heating Plant, while those who spent time with us in the afternoons, had fun bowling, visited the House of Experiments, and tested their skills in the Woop! challenges.

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, we try to introduce young people to the world of mechanical engineering and inspire them to enter this very scarce profession in a variety of ways. In addition to the usual promotion and cooperation with secondary schools, this year we have already organised a separate summer research camp “Explore and Drive the Future” for high school students, and continued with the Mechanical Engineering Summer School, which students love to return to – each time for a different workshop, as mechanical engineering is a broad and diverse field that we encounter daily. Many came to the Mechanical Engineering Summer School because they are interested in engineering and want to study mechanical engineering.

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