Every year, the University of Ljubljana (UL) announces the most outstanding research achievements of UL researchers to emphasise the University’s focus on research and to highlight those researchers who have achieved particularly remarkable results. The award for the most outstanding research achievements of the University of Ljubljana in 2023 also went to the project of the UL, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Discovery of a New Electrochemical Response of Battery Materials by Phase Separation. Prof. Dr. Tomaž Katrašnik, Dr. Klemen Zelič, Igor Mele, Dr. Jože Moškon, Dr. Francisco Ruiz-Zepeda, doc. Dr. Arghya Bhowmik and Prof. Dr. Miran Gaberšček, have discovered and elucidated for the first time in the case of LiFePO4 the electrochemical responses of the intrinsic-particular-particle-phase-separated-state (PPSE) electrolyte, based on innovative derivations of fundamental material thermodynamics, electrochemical measurements, advanced microscopy, and state-of-the-art simulation models.

Their discoveries are pushing the boundaries of understanding the electrochemistry of phase-separated materials and unlocking the potential of advanced battery monitoring and diagnostics and virtual sensors, one of the breakthrough areas in battery system development where the authors are involved in more than 10 EU projects.

In its evaluation and final selection of the ten most outstanding research achievements, the R&D Commission’s work group considers the international visibility, the comprehensiveness of the achievement, the relevance to a wider professional and general public, and the usefulness of the application.

We sincerely congratulate all the winners!

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