The research equipment is (co)financed by the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency


Purpose of the equipment and additional information:

The equipment is intended for observation of phenomena in the field of heat and mass transfer with an emphasis on the phase-change phenomena. The emphasis is on high-speed monitoring of transient phenomena with high spatial resolution. According to the physical mechanism of observation, it is necessary to adjust the design of the experiment and the configuration of the observed phenomenon, which needs to be coordinated with the system administrator.

Access to the equipment:

Access to the equipment is possible through prior notice to the equipment administrator. Configuration of the equipment needs to be agreed upon at least 1 week before performing measurements/accessing the equipment. During the equipment usage, the administrator or another authorized person needs to be present and also serves as the equipment operator. The equipment can be used in 2 hour blocks between 7.00 and 17.00.

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