Regular faculty programmes

Study Programmes

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering performs following Study Programmes:

1st Cycle

  • Professional Study Programme in Mechanical Engineering
  • Academic Study Programme in Mechanical Engineering - Research and Development Programme

2nd Cycle


3rd Cycle

  • Doctoral Study Programme in Mechanical Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Environmental Protection
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Programme in Biosciences

Becoming an Engineer is considered as one of the most creative professions in the world. The knowledge gained in our Faculty is indispensable in designing  and manufacturing wide range of modern products. Our Diploma holds an ASSIN/EU Engineer accreditation.



ERASMUS+ at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

In order to facilitate close international cooperation, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering endeavours to offer incoming international Erasmus+ students the opportunity to receive effective, high-quality education in the world’s lingua franca: English.

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