Influence of Binder Composition and Material Extrusion (MEX) Parameters on the 3D Printing of Highly Filled Copper Feedstocks

asist. – razisk. dr. Mahrukh Sadaf,
16. 11. 2022

A simple route for additive manufacturing of 316L stainless steel via Fused Filament Fabrication

asist. – razisk. dr. Mahrukh Sadaf,
24. 04. 2021

Design of a puncture-resistant composite shell comprising a non-Newtonian core

asist. – razisk. dr. Mahrukh Sadaf,
01. 05. 2018

Advancements in Metal Additive Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Review of Material Extrusion with Highly Filled Polymers

assistant – research. dr. Mahrukh Sadaf, Assoc. dr. Lidija Slemenik Perše,
16. 01. 2024

Comparative analysis of binder systems in copper feedstocks for metal extrusion additive manufacturing and metal injection moulding

21. 02. 2024
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